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World-renowned muralists gather in Bellingham, WA for a weekend of mural painting, demos, music, parties, education and inspiration.  More than 4,000+ attendees join the festival for a friendly art battle, in which muralists will have three days to paint 8’x’8’ portable walls on public display for the community to enjoy. Attendees will vote for their favorites and the top three winners will receive cash contracts to paint large murals in Bellingham.

Bellingham is nestled in Whatcom County. The word “Whatcom” is derived from the Lhaq'temish word Xwot'qom, which translates to “noisy water.” This festival aims to make noise in Bellingham by hosting a confluence of vibrant muralists and artists.

Noisy Waters Mural Festival is produced by Paper Whale, a Bellingham-based non-profit community accelerator dedicated to activating underutilized spaces by uplifting voices through art and culture.  We co-create Noisy Waters on Coast Salish Land, the home of the Lummi and Nooksack people, and this event is dedicated to the first inhabitants of this place.
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Activating our Waterfront with innovation since 2021
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