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Bellingham is honored to be a permanent home for the Indigeversal Mural, created by artists representing 10 tribes across North America.


“This art honors our ancestors,” says Savannah LeCornu, who designed and painted one of the seven symbols within the mural.


Each of the artists designed symbols in the visual language of their ancestors, all of which were tied together by Indigeversal Collective founder, Kaplan Bunce.  This was the first time painting a mural for over half of these artists.


“Host to many artists from all over Turtle Island indigenous and non-indigenous, Noisy Waters Mural Fest brought the community together in good hearts, minds, and spirits. It provided a place to connect and to learn from one another, leaving a lasting imprint on Bellingham.” - Free Borsey

This 150’ mural is located at the corner of Granary Ave and Chestnut, in Bellingham, Washington.


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