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Can I participate if I don't live in Bellingham? 

We are accepting applicants from around the world.

Where can I learn more about the artists participating? 

Artists will be announced on May 8, 2024. Bios and updates to follow.

Do you help with travel?

Noisy Waters is unable to provide assistance with travel for the majority of our artists; however, we make every effort to assist with billeting arrangements for visiting artists.

What happens to the artwork created during the festival?

We will be auctioning off the finished 8'x8' panels after the festival. Artists receive 70% of the sale commission. Artists may decide what to do with artwork that is not sold in the auction.


How do I get a mural on my building?

Due to the demand of murals requested for this festival we advise you to contact us and learn more about our selection process.

Do you paint over the prize wall murals every year? How long will the murals be up?

The average lifespan of a mural ranges from a couple years to decades, depending on location, weather, upkeep and other factors.  Part of the power of the medium — especially with graffiti and street art — is the temporary nature of the works which allows artists to take advantage of temporary spaces and host evolving canvases.

Who takes care of the murals?

Winning murals will be cared for by the property owner. 

How can I participate?


Why the competition?

This festival is an opportunity for muralists to paint alongside each other in a friendly and respectful environment, to gain exposure, and to HAVE FUN. Like every RFP artists apply for, there is a sense of "competition" for paid work. This festival allows the general public to be part of this process and to have a voice in the art they want to see in this community. The selection of finalists will be announced at the event on Sunday, August 18.


When are applications accepted?

Applications open February 22 - April 15, 2024.

Who decides on the selected artists? 

Artists will be selected by five members who represent a cross section of interests in the community. Their primary considerations are artistic merit of portfolio, large scale work experience and design skills/composition. 

How do you choose your walls?

Paper Whale curates a dynamic selection of prize walls in our downtown that will expand a sense of community to residents and visitors alike. 

Do I have to be a muralist to apply?

We are interested in showcasing a variety of artists. We can provide mentorship for artists taking on their first big mural with us if selected for a commission. 

How do you ensure the diversity of artists in the festival?

Our team and curators work hard to support artists from a range of backgrounds, mediums, and experience levels in telling their story. Artist’s portfolios are our primary focus, but we also rely on our community partners and curatorial advisors to help ensure these values are reflected in our final lineup. We hope to build partnerships with and bring visibility to, under-represented communities in the arts, including LGBTQ artists, BIPOC, gender-diverse, and people with disabilities.

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